2016 Park Village Auction is Now Open

That feeling you get when you win a Park Village Foundation Auction. The online Auction in NOW OPEN. Place your bids for Disneyland Tickets, Graduation Seats, PV Reserved Parking and more. Win one or all and you may just add a little strut to your walk. Bid Today!!! http://www.cause4auction.com/go/pvf

PVF On-Line Auction
April 25 – May 2, 2016
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the On-line Auction?
The on-line auction is an opportunity to bid on items such as teacher time with your children’s teachers, school items like a parking spot at the front of the school or naming rights to the drop off lane, and school events such as front-row seats for graduation. This year we also are featuring great San Diego summer camps, two Zeena Gregg Photo packages, fitness memberships, and even DISNEY TICKETS, plus so much more! Participants in the auction need to set up an account and user name on our NEW auction website: www.cause4auction.com/go/pvf, and will need to enter a credit card that will be charged ONLY if you win your item(s). Feel free to use an anonymous alias if you would like to keep your name private while bidding!

What are the dates of the On-Line Auction?
The auction will open on Monday, April 25 at 7:30 a.m. and close on Monday, May 2 at 8:00 p.m. SHARP! New items are being added daily, so check the site often for updates on what will be available. Most items will be uploaded to the site 3 days prior to the opening of the auction.

What is the link to the Auction?
You can find our auction at: www.cause4auction.com/go/pvf.

Why are there no items with the “Buy It Now” feature?
We want to open up all items to as many parents as possible. In the past, once a parent purchased an item it was no longer open to bidding for anyone else. We want ALL parents to have an equal opportunity to bid on ALL items over the entire duration of the auction.

Will there be bidding sheets at the Family Fun Game Night for auction items?
No. Our auction is entirely on-line. There will be no bid sheets at the event on April 29.

Can family and friends from outside of Park Village bid on items?
Yes, all they need to do is go to our link, register, and place a bid. While many items are specific to our school and teachers, and are intended for PV students only, there are other items that members of our community may be interested in winning. Please feel free to share our auction site.

If you have additional questions, please contact a
Foundation Board member.

We look forward to seeing you April 29 at
Family Game Night!

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