Remember for All Your On-Line Shopping

Did you know that for one extra click, our school can earn huge
rewards – and it costs you NOTHING extra?

The Amazon purchase program is primarily volume-based, meaning
the more orders that are placed using the link on our website,
the more the Foundation can earn. Orders are totaled over a
month, and each month we receive a report letting us know what
percentage of the total orders Park Village received. All we see is how many orders were placed, the total amount of the orders, and the percentage of those sales that Park Village received. Here is what we DO NOT see: what has been ordered, who has ordered it, and how it was purchased. Your purchasing history and privacy is secure and is not shared with us. After each month’s purchases are totaled, we can earn anywhere from four percent up to seven and a half percent on our orders each month – a significant contribution!

But there is more, and it is equally exciting! Certain items have fixed rates of return regardless of the number of orders placed, and these rates are even higher. So, if you purchase magazines on Amazon via the link on our website, the Foundation receives 25 percent back. For game downloads and instant videos, we receive ten percent back. If you own a business, or have connections in your office’s purchasing department, and your business orders industrial products via Amazon supply using the link on the Foundation’s webpage, Park Village gets eight percent back!

All for an extra click – and we’re even going to make THAT easier for you.

Just click on the Amazon link right here
and bookmark it. If you look in the web
address banner, you will see “wwwpveefcom” in the address.
That’s how you know our school will benefit from your everyday
shopping on Amazon. Each time you return to from
that bookmark and make a purchase, Park Village will get credit. It really is that easy!

Please, as you consider making your Amazon purchases for the
holidays, and in the months to come, we ask you to use the link
that gives something back to our children and our school community. And please share the link with your family and friends, even those who do not live in Park Village. The link can be used by anyone, anywhere! If you have any questions or concerns about this program please contact any Foundation board member.

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