Fundraising Opportunities


To see all Park Village Foundation’s fundraising opportunities, please scroll down or select a specific fundraising opportunity to learn more now.

Pledge Drive:

Our primary fundraising vehicle is our Annual Fall Pledge Drive. We encourage parents to ask their employers for matching gifts that can as much as double their gifts to our school.


Amazon Purchase Program:

The Amazon purchase program is primarily volume-based, meaning the more orders that are placed using the link on our website, the more the Foundation can earn. Orders are totaled over a month, and each month we receive a report letting us know what percentage of the total purchased amount Park Village received. We can earn anywhere from four percent up to eight percent on our total orders! Rest assured, all customer information stays completely anonymous, so we only see how much we have earned, not who has made purchases within the month.

But there’s more! Certain items have fixed rates of return regardless of the number of orders placed, and these rates are even higher. So, if you purchase magazines on Amazon via the link on our website, PVEEF receives 25 percent back. For game downloads and instant videos, we receive ten percent back, and that’s regardless of our other orders that month.

Just click on the Amazon link right here
and bookmark it. If you look in the web address banner on Amazon, you will see “wwwpveefcom” in the address. That’s how you know our school will benefit from your everyday shopping on Each time you return to from that bookmark and make a purchase, Park Village will get credit. It really is that easy!



Our Annual Jogathon is a school-wide running event that takes place in February. Students bring home envelopes to collect donations and compete to see which class can raise the most money for our Foundation programs, and which students can run the most laps. The top classes are rewarded with various prizes and incentives. With its proximity to Valentine’s Day, we stress the importance of heart-healthy habits and lifelong fitness.


Online Auction:

Our auction has changed over the years, from an onsite silent auction to an online auction, but it remains one of our most popular fundraisers. Many items are generously donated from local businesses, but our most coveted items are the teacher-time and school event items. Parents are eager to get front row tickets to fifth grade graduation, or the fourth grade play, and they enjoy granting their children special time with their teachers as well.


Family Game Night:

Our Annual Family Game Night encourages families to come raise money for the Foundation together. We have delicious food trucks in our parking lot and fun games of Bingo in the lunch area. We also have large gift baskets that are child- and family-friendly available to win by raffle. The Foundation is pleased to be able to host a fundraising event that has something for everyone!


Friends of the Foundation:

Do you own or know of a business that would like to become a Friend of the Foundation for the 2018-2019 school year? See how your business can make a tax-deductible donation to enhance education at Park Village Elementary School! As a business owner, name recognition is vital to increasing your customer base. Several parents have said that businesses who partner with the Foundation become some of the first businesses they turn to when they need particular services.

Every dollar you donate goes directly to our students’ education! If you are interested in making a difference at Park Village Elementary and becoming a “Friend of the Foundation” for the 2018-2019 school year, please contact Jim Buchmiller at for more details on each level and information on how to sign up for this program.

Our organization depends on donations from community members like you to support our programs. We are very thankful for companies like yours that want to make a difference in the education of our students.

Acceptance of partnership does not imply endorsement of any products or services by PVF. In cases where PVF links to the website of the partner, it must be understood that PVF does not regulate the content of the partner’s website and assumes no responsibility or liability for any claims or endorsements made on, or linked to, from the partner’s website.


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