Have Fun and Raise FUNds Over the Summer!!

Even though school is coming to end, our fundraising programs continue all summer long! Don’t forget to click our Amazon link every time you make a purchase so our school can receive a cash-back percentage of your total order. Remember, we never see who has made the purchase, only that the purchase was made. Your privacy is always maintained. Remember our Amazon link as you buy those needed last minute items for family vacations, camp, or summer fun here at home. And even though it is months away, next year’s school supplies will be so easy to buy through our Amazon link. No need to fight for parking at the stores or wait on those long lines! Buy using our Amazon link, and let your school supplies show up at your door while you are out enjoying those last few lazy summer days with your family. It’s a win-win!

And, of course, keep clipping those Box Tops! We will be collecting them when we return to school next year. Hang onto all of the Box Tops you can find and encourage family in other areas to get in on the fun and send you some, too!

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