Shop With Scrip Program Making Changes in the New Year

We will be rolling out some changes in early 2014 to our Shop with
PV Scrip program to make it easier for everyone to use. We introduced
this program in October of 2012, focusing on educating our
community on how it worked and what could be gained for our
school by using it. However, we are noticing that there is still quite
a bit of confusion as to how the program best operates and what
services our volunteers can – and cannot – provide. During the
break and in the early part of January, a committee will convene to
discuss ways to make the program more understandable and userfriendly.
It is our hope that parents will see the real value of the
Shop with PV Scrip Program, and make it possible to keep it here
at the school. Other schools and organizations raise thousands every
year with their Scrip gift card programs, and we are hopeful that
we will be able to do the same at Park Village!

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