Tips and Tricks to Using Amazon Gift Cards

Have you been very nice this year? Perhaps all that kindness will encourage
Santa to be generous and bring you an Amazon gift card (and
maybe he was extra smart and bought it via our Shop with Scrip program!)
If you or others in your family receive a gift card from Amazon
this holiday season, you can use it while raising money for our school.
It does require one extra step, but the return for our students can be

When you receive the card, go to and click on “Your Account.”
Under the “Payment” section is a header for Gift Cards and an
option to “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account.” When you click that
link it takes you to a page where it asks you to enter the gift card’s
claim code. Once you enter the code, the credits from the card are entered
into your account. Then, just click through the Foundation’s
Amazon link, and start
shopping! A portion of all of your purchases will be credited to the
Foundation’s account to be used to fund our PV Science, Technology,
P.E., Music, and Art programs. This Amazon purchase program raises
thousands for our school every year, all with just one extra click. We
encourage you to take advantage of it this holiday season!

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