Foundation Spotlight: Meet Coach Mills

Your donations to the PV Foundation fund our PE Coordinator, Coach Mills, and her PE equipment.

This is Coach Mills' 11th year at Park Village! She meets with each individual class once a week for 30 minutes... for 30 weeks this year!

Students are taught skills-based and age-appropriate games which introduce them to soccer, football, soccer, football, basketball, softball, volleyball, and even hockey. Students also have a blast participating in various activities utilizing frisbees, beanbags, hula hoops, jump ropes, parachutes, locomotion (tag games, races, relays), and stations with various P.E. equipment. Phew!

Fun facts:

  • Second grade and up participate in grade level tournaments. The winning classes are awarded a class trophy which is proudly displayed in their classrooms. 
  • P.E. is never canceled! If it's raining or too hot, classes are held in the MPR or an empty classroom. Favorite indoor activities include balloon relays, beachball games, limbo, and dance parties. If there is a holiday or professional growth day, the classes are either rescheduled during a make-up period or joined with another class that week. 

Coach Mills says: "I love teaching my favorite childhood subject! I get joy from seeing kids' smiles and hearing children's laughter. I love Park Village because the kids are excited about P.E. They greet me with happy faces and are anxious to know what activities I have planned for them."