Foundation Spotlight: Meet Miss LaDow

Your donations to the PV Foundation fund our Music Coordinator, Miss LaDow.

Miss LaDow is excited to begin her second year as a Park Village Penguin! She meets with every class once a week, for 23 weeks this year. Grades TK to 2nd receive 30 minutes of instruction, while grades 3rd through 5th receive 45 minutes. This year she will be covering 6 main fundamentals of music:

  • Beat vs. rhythm
  • Melody & solfege
  • Glee - the joy of singing
  • Movement and music
  • Instrument families
  • Fine arts in relation to music (ie. dance, theater, production, etc.)

Fun facts:

  • 5th graders have an opportunity to learn how to play the ukulele
  • New this year, Miss LaDow and our students will be prepping and performing 2 concerts, one in the winter and one in the spring. She looks forward to showcasing the incredible talent at PV elementary!

Miss LaDow says: "I love the deep sense of community at Park Village. From the moment I stepped on campus every faculty member, teacher, student, and parent has been so welcoming and supportive. The students at Park Village are kind, empathetic, and avid learners that make me feel like the luckiest music teacher in the world. I feel very privileged to work at a school that values music education at such a high level. "