Foundation Spotlight: Meet Mrs. Hirst

Your donations to the PV Foundation fund our Meet the Masters "Artist in Residence," Mrs. Hirst, and the art supplies.

Mrs. Hirst has been our Meet the Masters (MTM) "Artist in Residence" since 2013! The MTM program showcases four different art masters in a school year. Each artist has three activities to embrace and learn about the master. First, the students view an age-appropriate DVD about the artist's life, artwork, and techniques. Second, the students use a worksheet to practice some of the techniques mentioned in the DVD. Third, the students have a step-by-step art lesson provided by Mrs. Hirst or a classroom volunteer. In this lesson they replicate the techniques they have been learning, in their own masterpiece.

Fun facts:

  • There are three levels of instruction for each artist. We have beginner (TK-2nd grade), intermediate (3rd-4th grade) and advance (5th grade) levels. Each level typically imitates the same step-by-step art lesson, but is age appropriate.
  • There are 22 artists that are studied in this program, so students will never repeat a lesson during their time at Park Village!

This year we will be studying:

  • Paul Klee (Swiss) - Abstract, composition with line, texture and color using tempura paint.
  • Rosa Bonheur (French) - Realism, Line and texture using oil pastels.
  • Faith Ringgold (American) - Patterns, Dimension and texture using paper and oil pastels.
  • George Seurat (French) - Pointillism, reflections using sandpaper and color.

Mrs. Hirst says: "I have always loved art and art history and it is so wonderful to be able to share a creative hands on art history program to these young thinkers. I hope we open their minds to a life time of art appreciation."