Foundation Spotlight: Meet Mrs. Nellies

Your donations to the PV Foundation fund our Science Coordinator, Mrs. Nellies, and the Science Lab and Science Night supplies.

Mrs. Nellies is starting her 7th year at Park Village! She meets with classes for 36 weeks this year. Grade levels vary on how many times they head to Science Lab - 5th Grade goes every week! Students participate in labs that align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). And Mrs. Nellies assists teachers to make sure all the standards are covered.

Fun facts:

  • Mrs. Nellies puts on six grade-level science nights throughout the year. No need to create a big elaborate science experiment and results report at home - come to your Science Night and have a blast participating in the six science stations that Mrs. Nellies has created, just for you!
  • The teachers at the middle schools have commented about how the kids from PV stand out in Science. Many of our students say that having all the labs at PV helped them in Middle School. If the kids like science, they can learn it!
Mrs Nellies says: " I love bringing hands-on science to the kids at PV. That moment when the kids feel the "WOW" of science never gets old. Science should be experienced and witnessed... not just read from a book. I love that the kids get to come to the lab and get messy. Some of them are surprised when I don't get upset when they make a mess. That's why they come to the lab and we don't do these things in their classrooms!"