Your Donations Fund the Gap

As of December 1, the Foundation has raised $109,000 from your pledge drive donations, corporate matching, our Friends of the Foundation, spirit wear, book fair, the parking space raffle, and amazon.

For the 2019-2020 year, the Foundation has funded to date ($107,000):

  • Science, PE, Meet the Masters, Music (salaries and supplies) - $42,000
  • Teacher training/professional growth - $10,500
  • iPads - $19,000
  • Learning garden - $5,000
  • Library $1,800
  • Academic subscriptions (Lexia, Aleks, etc) - $16,000
  • School supplies (laminating, copier, homework folders, etc) - $11,000
  • Assemblies - $1,700

Our goal is to raise $160,000 this year. A 2018 report by the California School Boards Association found nearly a $2,000 gap between California’s per-pupil funding and the national average. Your donations help fund this gap and keep the Science, Technology, Art, Music, and P.E. programs here at Park Village. As 2019 comes to a close, we invite you to consider Park Village Foundation when making your end-of-year charitable contributions. Thank you for your support!