D.A.D.S. Group

WHAT: Determined And Dedicated Support.

  • We hold events that enhance the school experience for families, including Movie Night, Pancake Breakfast and Car Show, Bike Safety and Canyon Ride, Astronomy Night, and Canyon Quest.
  • We do projects around the school that “fall through the cracks” by the district or small projects that are not worth the hassle of trying to get them to do.


  • We volunteer some time and effort, usually no experience is necessary. Any amount of time is appreciated.
  • We are part of the Foundation, so all costs for the events are reimbursed.


  • Anybody is welcome to come to meetings, help out at events, and plan events.
  • This is not a “members only club.” We need all the help we can get. Recruit other Dads!


  • BE A HERO in the eyes of your kids, spouse, teachers, and school administration!
  • We are the most visible, premiere volunteer group on campus. Get a free D.A.D.S. T-Shirt – only to those who help out for an event!
  • If we can get just one more kid to like school a little better, work a little harder, and be more successful in school and in life then it’s worth the effort.
  • We have fun at the meetings and events and get the satisfaction of accomplishment.
  • Get to know a great group of parents.
  • Moms, school staff, Principal Mosgrove and others have come up and personally thanked us for what we do!

President - Victor Chan
Contact us to get involved! pvesdads1@gmail.com