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Current Event:

Jog-A-Thon: Promote Heart Health, Support PVES, and Earn Prizes

When: Tuesday, February 13

“What is Jog-a-thon?” you ask? It is a fun 20 minute run around the P.E. track as parents and teachers cheer on the students and often run alongside them.  As we celebrate heart health in February, the Foundation is also raising money to keep programs like PE, Science, Art, Music, and Technology at Park Village.

Next week, your child will be bringing home a Jog-a-thon packet with an envelope attached. In the packet, you will see a Donation form, a Prizes and Incentives sheet, and a FAQ sheet explaining the Jog-a-thon in detail.  Please use the Donation Form to record what is collected and place both the form and the money into the envelope that is attached to the packet.  Turn in your collection envelope to your classroom teachers by Tuesday, February 13. ONLINE DONATIONS will be accepted using the link http://www.crowdrise.com/pvfjogathon2018.

All grade levels will be assigned running times to go to the back field with their classes and run the track for 20 minutes. Each class will have a designated color, and students, teachers and parents alike will be encouraged to wear a shirt in that color (it makes it easier to spot each other and cheer them on as they run by!). Your classroom teachers and room parents will let you know next week what your assigned color is.

Students who collect $100 or more will have a chance to win one of two Fitbit Altas, donated by Rene Cabanban from Fitbit. Students who run the most laps in their class will have a chance to win a New Pair of Running Shoes, donated by Laces Running Company.  Students who collect $35 or more in donations will have a chance to win one of two Fitbit Flexes, donated by Proactive Medical Weight Management.  Our school-wide goal is to raise $20,000 in Jog-a-thon donations. It is a tradition for our principal to participate in our BIG SCHOOL-WIDE INCENTIVE for reaching our fundraising goal. This year, if we raise $20,000, Mr. Mosgrove will dress up like a penguin and race the winning classes through an obstacle course, created by our very own Coach Mills! We can do it, PV!


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