Ever wonder...

  • Why can't PUSD fix all of its aging schools by just budgeting better?
  • Don't my property taxes go towards fixing up schools?
  • Why school and district foundations have to constantly raise money?

District Presentation and meeting recording can be found at: https://www.powayusd.com/apps/pages/business-support-services

While school funding is a district responsibility, it is worthwhile for interested parties to consider this information when evaluating the important role of the Foundation. 

Per the PUSD presentation, the funding per pupil in 21/22 was $9,540. 

This amount covers all PUSD obligations including teacher and staff salaries, materials and supplies, maintenance, utilities, etc. This is the lowest amount per pupil in San Diego County.  

School Funding

Based on what is presented to us, the district provides schools with STEM, PE, Coding and VAPA through their Xplorations Program.


Schools that wish to have additional programs tap into groups like the Foundation to provide funding. The Park Village Foundation has prioritized providing Park Village Elementary School with funding for Science, PE, Art and Music since inception, and plan to continue making them top funding priority.

How Foundation Funding Works

1) PVE identifies funding needs.  The school first just identify what programs or items they need that are not covered by the district (PUSD) provided school budget

2) PVF determines funding abilities.  The Foundation loos at all of the funding requests, historical data and projected budget to determine funding capabilities.

3) PVE and District handle the process. Once the Foundation has created and approved the annual budget, with input from all stakeholders (Administration, Teachers, Parents), the school and district have a process to implement programs or purchase items. (Short Version: The Foundation is only responsible for writing a check).

4) PVF provides funds. During the year, the Foundation will receive an invoice for the program or the items from either the school or the district office.  The Foundation will write and present a check for approved funds.

5) PVE and District Implementation. The school or district office takes the funds, and is responsible for implementing the program or purchase the items, and handles all aspects from there. This includes the hiring process of any program specialists.