PV Foundation - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Foundation?

  • The purpose of the Educational Foundation is to provide financial support to enhance the academic curriculum at Park Village Elementary School for all our students. Our primary objective is to provide funding for the following supplemental programs: art, music, physical education, science, and technology software. We also aim to provide funding for programs and events that foster community-building and encourage students to shine.

Are Foundation & PTA the same thing?

  • No, the Foundation and PTA are two separate entities.  The Foundation is the fundraising body for Park Village.  Any donations that parents would like to have directly support Park Village, need to be made to the Foundation.  We do not have any annual membership dues, and do not provide any dues to a national body.  All Foundation funds stay within the school.
  • Over the past 5 years, Foundation has also taken on the responsibility of hosting the majority of the school events. 

Are the Foundation Board members employees of PUSD?

  • No, the entire Foundation Board and Committee Members are parent volunteers.  No one on the Foundation Board is an employee of PUSD or paid for their time.
  • The only exceptions are the Teacher representatives and the Principal who participate in monthly meetings and assist in guiding the Board in decision making to best support the school.

How can I help the Foundation?

  • VOLUNTEER! You do NOT have to serve in a board position to volunteer with the Foundation.  Any event we host, we not only welcome but NEED our parents to help us with.  No time given is too small.  
  • To Volunteer you can email either our President at parkvillagefoundation@gmail.com or our Volunteer Coordinator at pve.roomparents@gmail.com. 

Why don't we always have all Coordinator positions filled?

  • While our goal is to always have Science, Music, PE and Art positions filled, these positions are hired through PUSD, and financially reimbursed from the Park Village Foundation.  All positions are part-time, and often we have struggled to find qualified candidates who match up with the schedule and hours needed.
  • If you know of an interested candidate for any of our open positions, please refer them to our Principal to begin the application process.

Can I attend a Foundation Meeting?

  • Absolutely. But please know that meetings have a full agenda, and new topics should be emailed and discussed prior to the meeting, to have them approved and added to the agenda.

What is the benefit of attending a meeting?

  • Attending our monthly meetings is a great way to get insight on what is occurring within the school, any challenges we are facing and opportunities to help improve the school?

Who do I contact with a question, idea or suggestion?

  • Please contact our President at parkvillagefoundation@gmail.com

What is the best way to stay in touch and be kept current on activities and volunteer opportunities?

What is the difference between being on the Board and Volunteering for the Foundation?

  • Anyone can volunteer to be on any event planning committee, sign up for a Book Fair or Ice Cream Social shift.  We NEED all the parent and community support we can get to ensure that all events and activities can happen each year.

  • To serve on the Board, all members must be nominated by a current board member, and voted on at the annual elections.  Board members must attend 90% of all meetings each year, and will serve in a leadership capacity as either a VP, Director or Advisor.

How do I volunteer to be on the Board? 

  • Board members are voted in each year.  Anyone interested in joining the Board can submit an application to the President.  

What are Restaurant Nights?

  • These are a monthly fundraising opportunity for our school. We have collaborated with restaurants in our area who are willing to donate a percentage of proceeds on a select date.
  • If you know of any local area restaurants that might want to support our school by offering a fundraising night, please let us know!

What is Picnic with Penguins?

  • Several times throughout the year, the Foundation hosts a day when parents can come during their child's lunchtime and spend lunch with them.  This is a fun activity for the kids. Parents are allowed to bring in outside food for their children, and either bring picnic blankets or sit in the lunch area.

What are Flag Fridays & Can I Attend?

  • Flag Fridays are held once a month, and are a school assembly hosted by our Principal and Teachers to celebrate and recognize students who have been selected for showing outstanding character.
  • If your child has been selected to be recognized, your teacher will reach out to the week of the Flag Friday assembly, to let you know and invite you to attend.  

Where can I find information on how money raised by the Foundation is spent?