By Shannon Nellies, PV Science Coordinator

I am a certified school teacher (MA in elementary education) and I learned to love science years ago when I had to teach 6th grade science without a textbook. I was a first year teacher and my whole goal was to help the kids love science. My theory is that if you really enjoy science then learning the concepts is easy.

After I became a mom, I took a break from teaching, deciding to stay home to be with my children while they were young. Recently, I returned to the classroom, or rather – the Science Lab – started by Traci Jackson many years ago. Thanks to Traci, and the Park Village Foundation, I have this perfect place to focus my love of teaching science while being at school with my kids.

Our labs and science nights are all hands on and fun so that the kids can truly experience science in action while learning key concepts. The energy of the science lab is exciting: it’s loud and crazy but everyone is on task and I love it!

I am so grateful that the Foundation (funded by Park Village parents!) supports our science program. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!!


By Theresa Hirst, PV Meet the Masters Coordinator

In 2005, a Harris poll indicated that 93% of Americans consider the arts to be vital to providing a well-rounded education for children and a critical link to learning and success. In the same year, the Park Village Foundation identified the need to enrich our school’s art education, and the Meet the Masters program was developed. The goal of the program is to teach children to think creatively and to develop more innovative approaches to learning. It provides an opportunity for students struggling with academics to excel in a different way.

I became the Art Coordinator in 2014 and I love to see Park Village students excel in their understanding of art and the masters who inspire innovative thought and creativity. Through our rotating modules, children learn to appreciate the techniques of each artist and then practice similar concepts in their own work of art. My two children attended Park Village and have now moved on, but I continued with Meet the Masters because I believe in the importance of art in our schools.

My professional experience is as an interior designer and I enjoy helping my clients learn the value of art and creativity in their personal lives. It is my hope that sharing the art world with your children provides them inspiration in some facet of their lives, in any way that they find a connection to art.


Position to be filled


Position to be filled