Our schools administrative budget from PUSD for office supplies is approximately $3000 annually.  This equals around $250 a month to provide the entire school with printing paper, ink, toner, lamination supplies, pens, pencils, markers, chairs, equipment replacement and more.  This budget is also meant to cover health supplies.

We recognize that it takes more than $3000 for a school to be well run and well supplied, and we do our best to support our school through smaller fundraisers like Paper Picnic with Penguins in the fall and spring.  We ask our parents to donate a ream of paper. It is completely optional, but very appreciated.

Other ways you can support our school is directly purchasing from the Amazon Wish Lists created by our Librarian, Health Technician and Administration.

No donation is too small. Every little bit makes a huge difference, and we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and care of our school.

To Donate to our school library:


To Donate to our Health Office:


To Donate to our Administration Supplies: